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In the age of Technology and amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution, Shohag Logistic & Security Service Ltd recognizes the constant stream of innovations and ideas shaping our world. The notion of a “Career Path” has evolved significantly from what it once was a decade or two ago. Adaptation to this dynamic landscape is essential.

Hailing from Dinajpur, Shohag Logistic & Security Service Ltd is not just a tech startup, but also the premier digital marketing company in Bangladesh. Our journey commenced in late August 2016 under a different name and location. Our aspiration has always been to transform our beloved town into a thriving Tech Hub, empowering local graduates to acquire skills and pursue global careers.

Shohag Logistic & Security Service Ltd stands as a frontrunner in Information Technology education in Bangladesh. We offer unparalleled training in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO Content Writing, Website Design & Development, as well as Graphic Design courses. With our roots in Bangladesh, we extend our expertise and services worldwide

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SEO and digital marketing services

With a decade of experience under our belt, Shohag Logistic & Security Service Ltd ensures seamless support round the clock. Our commitment to our students means that whenever they encounter a problem, our dedicated team is available online to provide immediate assistance.

In the realm of online visibility, search engines rely on various ranking factors such as keyword relevance, density, content readability, and site user-friendliness. By analyzing these factors, search engines determine the relevance of websites to users’ search queries, thereby influencing the results displayed on their pages. In an increasingly internet-dependent world, the significance of SEO is soaring to unprecedented heights, and at Shohag Logistic & Security Service Ltd, we recognize and harness this importance to maximize our clients’ online presence.

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Md Shohag

Md Shohag

Our Founder & CEO

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